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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

'Abt Ur Luv' Character Teasers

Last updated: November 29, 2006

Teasers have started airing to introduce the characters of Abt Ur Luv.

Will add more video links as soon as I catch them. :D

Click on each image to view the corresponding YouTube video.

Shaina Magdayao as Neri

Carla Humphries as Brenda

Denise Laurel as Celine

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Episode 01: Isang Bagong Sabado

The pilot episode introduces all the characters and their relationships.

You can watch this on YouTube, courtesy of PDAYengDieHard.
Episode highlights:
  • Neri arrives in Manila by boat and is met by Brenda and Josh.
  • Lieu admires Gwen from a distance.
  • Nelle gets stuck doing laundry for Gens and Lieu.
  • Mao helps Aling Tetay pack for her trip to Italy.
  • Gwen gives Aling Tetay a package to bring to her parents.
  • Brenda and Hillary learn Yaya Rosing has left.
  • Celine teaches Rickson some martial arts moves and trips him for being fresh.
  • Gens arrives at the Gym to pick up Celine.
  • Giselle hangs out with Hillary.
  • Brenda learns her family is in financial trouble.
  • Neri sees Celine and Gens wrestling and tries to save Gens by hitting Celine on the head with a thick piece of wood.
  • Gens takes Celine to the neighborhood clinic with Neri in tow.
  • Mich eyes Stick at the gym.
  • Rickson, Web, and Josh extort money from Stick.
  • Brenda, Hillary, and Giselle look for Neri when she goes missing.
  • At the clinic, Neri mocks Gens for not knowing Celine's last name.
  • Brenda enlists Gwen to help look for Neri.
  • Gen's phone gets snatched while Neri watches.
  • Gwen asks Lieu to help look for Neri but his shyness makes him say no.
  • Aling Tetay poses for a family photo with Bill, Ahmad, and Mao, and hints that Bill and Hillary might be a good match.
  • Nelle is offended when Aling Tetay thinks she's a tomboy.
  • At the neighborhood internet cafe, Vince tells Lieu he got a call from Gens asking for money.
  • Josh, Rickson, and Web learn from Lieu that Neri is missing.
  • Gen demands Neri's necklace as collateral.
  • Celine is okay after her treatment.
  • At the gym, Brenda accidentally tells Stick that she wants their relationship to be official. Stick is thrilled. Mich is upset.
  • Gens, Celine, and Neri arrive from the clinic and Neri meets everyone.
  • The neighbors organize a despedida party for Aling Tetay.
  • Stick reclaims his P1000 from Web, Rickson, and Josh.
  • Gwen learns the hard way that her parents have split up.
  • Neri reaches for her necklace, only to remember that it's gone. Gens notices.
  • Vince asks Neri if she's okay.
  • Ahmad, Mao, and Bill leave for the airport with Aling Tetay.
  • Stick shares a tender moment with Brenda.
  • Blue surprises Stick by suddenly showing up to stay with him.
  • Gens returns the necklace to a grateful Neri, then asks for her last name.
  • Mega Manila: 10.1% (WKL: 17%)
  • Nationwide: 43.1% (WKL: 35.7%)
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OBB Screenshots

Selected screenshots from the opening sequence (OBB).

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Production Credits

Main Credits
  • Production Designer. Salvador Espaldon
  • Episode Writer. Aloy Adlawan
  • Headwriter. Agnes Gagelonia Uligan
  • Executive Producer. Ellen Rodriguez
  • Executive in Charge of Production. Johnny Manahan
  • Directed by Erick Salud

Additional Credits
  • Associate Producer. Nanette Villatura-Gamboa
  • Assistant Director. Nelson Macababat
  • Lighting Director. Alfred Hernando
  • Location Manager. Jackie Papica
  • Production Assistants. Sarah Garcia, Marissa Kalaw, Yna Bañez
  • Art Director. Ryan Magadia
  • Technical Director. Vien dela Cruz
  • Coordinator for Star Magic. Gidget dela Cuesta
  • Talent Coordinator. Cornelia "Angge" Lee
  • Field Cashier. Nemnel Nosquerra
  • Legman. Raffy Rosal
  • Video Editor. Marianne Feliciano
  • Original Score. Carmina Cuya
  • Sound Engineer. Gerry Samson
  • Overall in charge of Promotion. Robert Labayen
  • Promo Account Manager. Kathrina Sanchez
  • Promo Producer. Carol Torres
  • Graphic & Design. Marl Abejero
  • Logo Design & Post Prod Artist. Meryl Miranda
  • Promo Editors. Rochelle Tan, Rhea Ramos
  • Photographers. David Fabros, Sarah Black, Steve Tirona
  • Synergy. Christina Yu, Erwin Aurella
  • Interactive. Domy Espejo
  • Publicist. Rikka Dylim

Theme Song
All About Your Love, composed and performed by RJ Jimenez

The Characters

From: The ABS-CBN Website

In the tradition of youth oriented shows like Tabing Ilog, G-Mik and Gimik, Star Magic proudly brings you today's hottest teen stars in a fresh and kilig mini-series about love, friendship and growing up. Starting this Saturday, November 25, witness four young women -- Neri, Brenda, Celine and Gwen -- experience and fight for true love while they take on the challenges of life on the way to becoming adults.

19 of Star Magic’s brilliant young stars will grace your TV screens every Saturday to show you what a joy it is being young and in love.

Shaina Magdayao will be playing Neri, a street smart girl who’s about to experience new challenges in her life when she moves in with her aunt and cousins. She might look meek but she’s a real fighter, used to being independent since her mother died and her father became missing at sea.

Carla Humphries is Brenda, Neri’s rich and pampered cousin. She’s used to a wealthy lifestyle and finds it hard to adjust when their family business starts having financial trouble. She resents having Neri around, finding her cousin very uncouth.

Valeen Montenegro’s role is Gwen, the girl who always wants to be the center of everybody’s attention. She feels that she’s the prettiest and that all the boys want her. She can’t choose from her three suitors. She likes Lieu for being handsome. She likes Mao for being smart and Ahmad for being reliable.

Denise Laurel is Celine, a self-supporting gal, working as a gym and martial arts instructor. She’s Brenda’s best friend and Gen’s girlfriend. Guys tend to flip over Celine. They’d do just about anything to get near her.

Rayver Cruz is Gen, Lieu’s older brother. He’s an achiever and a bit conservative because of his father’s influence, an ex-military man. He’s very protective of his girlfriend, Celine, what with all the guys surrounding her. But his world will turn topsy-turvy when he meets Neri.

Aldred Gatchalian is Lieu, who’s the exact opposite of his Kuya Gen. If Gen’s very assertive, Lieu’s very shy. In fact, he clams up whenever Gwen’s around. He hates being compared to his older brother and is closer to his sister, Nelle.

Lauren Young is Nelle, the unica iha of Gen’s family. Being the only woman, she resents having to shoulder all the household duties including taking care of their paralyzed father. She wants to enjoy being a teen-ager for once, free to hang out with her buddies Josh, Rickson, Web and Giselle.

Empress Schuck is Hillary, Brenda’s younger sister. She idolizes her sister so much to the point that she copies Brenda’s every move. Hillary also dislikes Neri, but eventually she warms up to her.

AJ Perez is Josh, Hillary’s twin. Hillary is the neat and proper twin while Josh is the more relaxed and easy going one. He immediately takes to his cousin Neri.

Victor Basa is Stick, Brenda’s boyfriend and Celine’s co-gym instructor. He’s a ‘super’ man – super kind, super disciplined and a super loving boyfriend.

Enchong Dee is Blue, Stick’s younger brother. He’s also a ‘super’ man – super reckless and a super chickboy. He joined his brother in Manila to escape the boring life in the province. He irks Stick to no end because he often borrows his Kuya’s stuff without permission.

Mikki Arceo is Mich, Mao’s geeky friend who has a huge crush on Stick. She might look harmless on the outside but think again! She hates Brenda for she gets in the way of her Stick-stalking activities.

Joaqui Mendoza plays Vince, a computer techie and an employee at Gen’s family’s internet café. He is also Gen’s confidant. Their friendship gets a little complicated when Neri enters the picture.

Aaron Agassi is Ahmad, who’s head over heels in love with Gwen. The pretty girl likes him for being dependable but the problem with Ahmad is he’s a bit torpe. His father is an Arab.

Mikee Lee’s character is Mao, Ahmad’s younger brother. He’s very intelligent and he likes Gwen very much. His father is Chinese.

Dino Imperial is Bill, Ahmad’s and Mao’s Kuya. He’s kalog and a very cheerful guy. He hopes that his crush, Hillary, likes him back.

Angelo Patrimono is Web, a perennial repeater at his school. The reason? He can’t seem to pass his Filipino subject. He has a crush on Celine.

Christopher Gutierrez is Rickson, Nelle and Web’s barkada. He can’t seem to think straight when Celine is around.

Zia Marquez is the perky Giselle. A very loyal friend, she goes where Web, Rickson, Nelle and Hillary go.

Love, life and everything in between. Star Magic Presents: ABT UR LUV, Saturdays after Let's Go.

Mikee Lee on 'Abt Ur Luv'

Edgar Cruz

Link to original article

Mikee Lee, the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition first runner-up, is on the brink of his second wave of fame. He has two new shows — Star Magic Presents: ABT UR LUV and Love Spell Presents Pasko Na Santa Ko. You should see him now. A shy and lanky teener before, he’s metamorphosed into a more outgoing star. Star Magic has certainly worked its magic on him. Being an entertainment figure has sunk in. He has started to adapt a matinee idol look, and although he has given up his eyeglasses and acquired more muscles, he has retained his intelligence, preppy look and love for family. He communicates well and loves wearing a striped shirts over plain-colored tees.

Star Magic Presents: ABT UR LUV gathers the great lookers at Star Magic for a one-hour teen drama every Saturday. Besides Mikee, the ABT UR LUV crew includes (in alphabetical order of their first names) Aaron Agassi, AJ Perez, Alfred Gatchalian, Angelo Patrimonio, Carla Humphries, Chris Gutierrez, Denise Laurel, Empress Schuck, Enchong Dee, Joaqui Mendoza, Lauren Young, Mikki Arceo, Rayver Cruz, Shaina Magdayao, Valeen Montenegro, Victor Basa and Zia Marquez. Is Mikee headed for role model status?

Mikee is such a wholesome guy that he has no problems with being driven to Ateneo University and ABS-CBN by his mom. In fact, he’s proud of his closeness to his family. His common sense is not so common. Of the P500,000 prize he won at PBB Teen Edition, he bought only a pair of signature rubber shoes and decided to place everything else in the bank. His participation in the reality contest had made him come out of his shell and maximize what his new situation has to offer. And he’s doing a great job at it, showing his leadership, intelligence and flexibility.

When I asked the cast of Love Spell Presents Pasko Na Santa Ko who they think will be biggest name among the PBB Teen Edition crew next year, it was Mikee who was the first to vote for Matt Evans, who plays Pedro Penduko in the fantasy series of the same title. His opinion was echoed by a majority of the finalists, winning for Matt the distinction. Most of those present in the launch expected Gerald Anderson to be singled out. When I asked Matt if there are cliques among them, he offered an opinion, “Hindi kasi namin sila (referring to Gerald and Kim Chui) nakaka-bonding. Lagi silang busy.”

Star Magic Presents: ABT UR LUV zooms in your telly today after Let’s Go.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Official 'Abt Ur Luv' Site on ABS-CBN

The official site for 'Abt Ur Luv' is now up on the ABS-CBN website.

The show description reads:

In the tradition of youth oriented shows Tabing Ilog, G-Mik and Gimik, Star Magic proudly brings you today's hottest teen stars in a fresh and kilig mini-series about love, friendship and growing up.

Witness 4 young women -- Neri, Brenda, Celine and Gwen experience and fight for true love while they take on the challenge of becoming full pledged adults.

Love, life and everything in between. Star Magic Presents: ABT UR LUV, Saturdays after Let's Go.

Teen stars dominate ABS-CBN daytime programs

By Isah V. Red

Manila Standard
November 24, 2006

Link to original article

They are back and with a vengeance. Teenaged stars are changing the face of daytime TV, particularly on weekends.

It seems ABS-CBN has found the formula to buck competition by fielding the best-looking young things in the network’s weekend programming.

Tomorrow, the network is airing the premier episode of Star Magic Presents Abt Ur Luv.

Just looking at the title, average viewers know it’s meant for teenagers, which comprise the biggest chunk of the total audience pie in that particular time segment.

And the network doesn’t complicate things by convoluting the plot, or trying to imbue unfathomable themes. The show, as the title suggests, is all about love. It’s all about changes. It’s all about being real. It’s all about accepting disappointments. It’s all about being happy and finding a good set of friends. It’s all about living life to the fullest.

A new generation of stars populate the stories that tackle the problems and concerns of today’s youth beyond the raging hormones, the desire to be noticed and the hang-ups. Every episode happens on a particular day of the week, opening with stylish recaps of what happened in the other days of the week culminating on that particular day where all the highlights of the story unfold and ends with a substantial perception about love and life and everything in between.

Aaron Agassi, AJ Perez, Aldred Gatchalian, Angelo Patrimonio, Carla Humphries, Cris Gutierrez, Denise Laurel, Dino Imperial, Empress Schuck, Enchong Dee, Joaqui Mendoza, Lauren Young, Mikee Lee, Mikki Arceo, Rayver Cruz, Shaina Magdayao, Valeen Montenegro, Victor Basa and Zia Marquez are the new stars to watch.

Star Magic Presents Abt Ur Luv premieres with “New Sabado.”

After the death of her mother and her father, Neri (Shaina Magdayao) moves to her cousins’ home in the 24/7 compound in Manila from Zamboanga. Her cousin, Brenda (Carla Humphries) and company, make her feel unwelcome and more so when she runs into a fiasco with Gens (Rayver Cruz) and his girlfriend, Celine (Denise Laurel). Neri ends up on the missing list at the compound, sending the whole neighborhood looking for her. Neri realizes her first Saturday in the city maybe interesting after all.

Star Magic Presents Abt Ur Luv airs right after another hot teen show, Let’s Go.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bonding Workshop for ABS-CBN Teeners

Link to Original Article

By Remy Umerez

IN the tradition of “Tabing-Ilog” comes another youth-oriented show featuring l9 talents of Star Magic.

Most of them are faces that are really new and fresh and products of talent search like Aaron Agassi, AJ Perez, Alfred Gatchalian, Angelo Patrimonio, Chris Gutierrez, Empress Schuck, Joaqui Mendoza, Lauren Young, Mikee Lee, Mikki Arceo, and Zia Marquez.

There are also ates and kuyas reserved for Shaina Magdayao, Valeen Montenegro, Victor Basa, Rayver Cruz, Dino Imperial, Denise Laurel and Carla Humphries.

As the title of the show implies, it is about young love — puppy or otherwise. Before the camera rolls, most of them had to undergo a bonding workshop to avoid unprofessionalism and intrigues on the set.

Shaina and Rayver are paired as a loveteam. In real life, Rayver is truly smitten by the charms of Shaina. But she says winning her heart is not really difficult. She just doesn’t favor courtship through texting and Rayver has to keep that in mind.

We were stunned on how tall Rayver has become. He is also bent on pursuing his college studies. He is a very good hip hop dancer.

Christopher or Chris is the son of Maritess Gutierrez and Gloria Romero’s grandson. He is 14 years old and a shy type. Lola Glo advices him to love and be very serious with his work. His mom, Maritess, has another concern. She is on the alert about her son’s grades in school. “Kapag daw po bumaba ang marks ko ay ipapapatay niya ang character ko sa Abt Ur Luv,” the teener says.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More on 'Abt Ur Luv' Cast

People's Tonight
November 20, 2006

Link to original article
By Mercy Lejarde

Sa 19 bagets na iprinisinta sa launching ng Star Magic Presents Abt Ur Luv, tanging sina Shaina Magdayao at Rayver Cruz ang tipong nakauungos kung popularidad rin lang ang pag-uusapan.

Made na kasi ang dalawa as loveteam. Pero in real life, hindi pa. Sabi nga ni Shaina, hindi naman siya nililigawan ni Rayver.

Ano’ng say mo, Rayver? Hindi mo ba type si Shaina? Hindi ba siya girlfriend material?

“Hindi ko pa siya nililigawan, pero malapit na. Nararamdaman ko ... malapit na,” nangingiting sabi ng aktor.

* * *

Si Carla Humphries naman, isa rin sa cast ng Abt Ur Luv, ay mukhang mabilis na naka-recover sa break-up nila ni Janus del Prado.

Mukhang may ningning na uli ang kanyang mga mata after ng soap nilang Bituing Walang Ningning, kahit open si Janus sa pagsasabing may bago na siyang girlfriend na ipinakilala pa sa amin nu’ng magkita-kita kami sa may ABS-CBN Starbucks kamakailan lamang.

“Masaya ako para sa kanya kung may bago na siyang minamahal. At saka, friends pa rin kami at sinusuportahan namin ang isa’t-isa. Eh, kung may iba na siyang mahal, ganu’n talaga ang buhay, hahaha!

“Saka bata pa naman ako. Ini-enjoy ko ang buhay. Ang dami pa namang lalaki,” ang very sport na reaction ni Carla sa pag-iintriga namin.

* * *

In person, kahawig pala ni Anne Curtis itong si Denise Laurel, nali-link romantically kay Sam Milby. Medyo hindi nga lang kataasan ang height nito.

“Oo nga, eh. Everybody says that. And you know, I’m honored kasi she’s gorgeous. ’Yon nga lang, pandak ako! I’m so pandak and that’s my frustration, pero okay lang,” pag-amin ng Denise.

Sabi pa nito, walang dapat ikatakot ang fans nina Sam at Anne or nina Toni at Sam dahil ang tinginan lang daw nila ni Sam ay brother and sister lang, no more, no less.

Si Zia Marquez naman, anak ni Joey Marquez kay Brenda del Rio, ay playing safe nang tanungin namin kung sino ang mas gusto niya para sa kuya niyang si Jeremy: Si Alessandra de Rossi o si Toni?

Wala siyang pinili. Bahala na lang daw si Jeremy kung sino ang gugustuhin.

“I’ll support my brother. I’m always here for him naman po,” sey pa ni Zia, na mukhang younger version ng tita niyang si Melanie.

Sa 19 bagets ng Star Magic Presents Abt Ur Luv, mukhang promising itong si Zia, tulad din nina Juaquai Mendoza, AJ Perez, Denise, Mikee Lee at Empress Schuck.

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Rumor: One cast member leaving

People's Taliba
November 22, 2006

Link to original article
by Ambet Nabus

MAINIT-INIT pa naming ninanamnam ang nakarating sa aming tsismis na meron daw isang miyembro ng bagong bubuksang Abt Ur Luv TV show ng ABS-CBN na baka biglang matanggal sa mag-uumpisa pa lang na show.

Ano ang rason? Natsi-tsismis na on the family way ang isang bagets na miyembro.

Nakaloloka ito kung sakali mang totoo, pero nakaiinis naman kung gi-mik lang para pag-usapan.

In fairness naman, kahit na 19 lahat ang mga ba-gets (the youngest is 13 and the oldest is 21) na kasali sa bagong show na ito, pro-mising silang lahat. Nakita namin ang rehearsals ng isang dance number nila plus nakausap ang ilan sa kanila, and most of them have talents.

Mga mukhang artista pa talaga. Halos 15 years old nga ang average na edad ng mga ito kaya’t nakalolokang may sitsit na ‘nabuntis’ ang isa sa mga babae rito.

Ilan sa mga naka-impress sa amin ay sina Aaron Agassi (maganda ang boses), AJ Perez, Aldred Gatchalian, Carla Humphries, Denise Laurel at Victor Basa. Aliw din kami kay Rayver Cruz na magaling din palang kumanta bukod sa pagsayaw. At sa ganda ni Shaina Magdayao, hindi kami nagtataka na siya ang crsuh ng halos lahat ng mga lalaki sa nasabing show.

Umpisa pa lang ay ma-ingay na ang nasabing Abt Ur Luv. Shall we expect more in the coming days? We will see....

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Abt Ur Luv Plug on 'Wowowee'

Some of the cast members appeared on Wowowee on November 16, 2006 (Thursday) to plug the upcoming show.

Many thanks to LV080806 for uploading this short video clip.

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19 Star Magic stars in ‘Abt Ur Luv’

Yes Magazine
Text by Candice Lim

Link to original article

Star Magic introduces 19 young celebrities to star in ABS-CBN's newest youth-oriented television series Abt Ur Luv.

Love team Shaina Magdayao and Rayver Cruz topbill the show, along with Bituing Walang Ningning's Carla Humphries, Encantadia's Denise Laurel, Super Inggo's Empress Schuck, Pinoy Dream Academy's RJ Jimenez, Pinoy Big Brother Teens Mikee Lee, Joaqui Mendoza, and Mikki Arceo; and stars from Crazy for You: Victor Basa, Aldred Gatchalian, and Valeen Montenegro. Newcomers Aaron Agassi, AJ Perez, Angelo Patrimonio, Chris Gutierrez, Dino Imperial, Enchong Dee, Lauren Young, and Zia Marquez complete the cast of characters.

"Romantic journey [ito] ng mga teenagers," explains the show's executive producer Eleanor Rodriguez. "Pero actually hindi na kami nag-zero in sa romance [lang]. Parang love for life—talagang buhay ng teenagers—love for family, love ng friends, romantic relationships na rin nila."

The story starts off with Shaina's character moving to Manila from the province. She is set to live with her cousins Carla, Empress, and AJ. Little did she know that the only reason why her cousins are letting her stay in their house is because they need a maid!

Shaina's love team partner, Rayver, is paired off with Denise. They are considered the village's it couple. Denise is very popular with the boys—so popular that the boys in the neighborhood, Chris, Angelo and AJ, are enrolling in her martial arts class.

Meanwhile, cover boys Enchong and Victor play brothers in the story. Victor's good looks will cause Mikki to stalk him!

Valeen also gets to have boys following her. Aldred, Aaron, and Mikee all fight to get her attention.

When the boys of Abt Ur Luv were asked if any of them were planning to court Shaina since she has announced that upon turning 17, she can already accept suitors, the young boys said that they will give way to Rayver who is said to formally and officially court his onscreen partner.

Abt Ur Luv, directed by Erick Salud, makes its television premiere on November 25.

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Abt Ur Luv Plug on 'The Buzz'

Many thanks to LV080806 for uploading this clip from the November 19, 2006 episode of The Buzz.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

'Bagong Mamahalin ng Bayan'

People's Journal
November 20, 2006

Link to original article

by Mario Bautista

THE Shaina Magdayao-Rayver Cruz love team is one of the most popular tandems today at ABS-CBN. They now topbill the new youth-oriented show, “All About Your Love”, that replaces “Star Magic Presents” on Saturday afternoon at 5 p.m. Supporting them are 17 other young newcomers. “Mga bagong mamahalin ng bayan,” says Star Magic’s Rikka Dylim.

“Nakakatuwa nga kasi Ate ang tawag sa’kin ng younger ones like Empress Shuck and Zia Marquez, who are 14, and Lauren Young, who’s the youngest at 13,” says Shaina. “We play friends and neighbors in a compound of townhouses in La Brea, Fairview. In the story, I play a promdi na sad ang life kasi my mother died and my dad, a seaman, nawawala abroad. I go to Manila and live with my cousins, Empress and Carla Humphries. That’s where I meet Rayver. Noong una, magkaaway kami. May girlfriend na siya, si Denise Laurel. To make sure that all of us will be comfortable with each other, we had a two-day bonding workshop even before shooting started. That helped a lot para makilala namin ang isa’t isa and become friends.”

The eldest member of the gang is Victor Basa, who’s 21. The youngest boy is AJ Perez, who’s only 13. Denise is 19. Carla, Enchong Dee, Joaqui Mendoza, Mikki Arceo, and Dino Imperial are 18. 17 year olds are Shaina, Rayver, Aaron Agassi, Angelo Patrimonio. 16 year olds are Aldred Gatchalian, Valeen Montenegro, and Mike Lee. Aside from Empress and Zia, also 14 years old is Chris Gutierrez, Gloria Romero’s grandson who looks so much like his mom, Maritess Gutierrez.

These energetic and talented young stars will surely make your Saturday afternoons livelier.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Carla in Abt Ur Luv

By: Leo M. Bukas

HINDI pala nagtagal ang relasyon nina Carla Humphries at Janus del Prado na magka-loveteam sa soap operang Bitung Walang Ningning. Ito ang inamin sa amin ng dalaga nang makausap namin siya sa presscon ng Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv na magpe-premiere next Saturday after Let’s Go sa ABS-CBN.

Hindi na raw naging madalas ang pagkikita nilang dalawa pagkatapos ng soap opera. Nawala na rin daw sila ng communication kaya nauwi lang sa wala ang lahat.

Ngayon, open si Carla sa possibility na merong bagong lalaki na ipartner o i-link sa kanya. Si Victor Basa na kaya ang tinutukoy niya?

During the presscon, panay ang tanaw ni Carla kay Victor na nasa malayong table. Pagkatapos bigla siyang tumayo at lumapit sa binata dahil kinakawayan daw siya nito.

Oh, well, bagay naman sila in fairness.

Para sa hindi pa nakaaalam, si Carla ay matagal sa Star Magic. Five years ago pa namin ito kilala. Isa pa lang siyang starlet noon na walang pumapansin. Kilala rin namin ang brother niya na nasa Italy na pala ngayon.

But look at her now. Sikat na siya and she’s given good breaks sa TV. Very impressive ang naging performance niya a couple of months ago sa Maalaala Mo Kaya. Very visible din sa TV ngayon ang kanyang shampoo commercial na ipinalalabas din abraod.

Tingnan n’yo nga naman ang naging bunga ng mga pagtitiyaga ni Carla. From being just a nobody, precious gem na siya ngayon ng Star Magic.

By the way, si Carla rin ang nagbulong sa amin na si Victor ang kanyang ka-loveteam sa Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv. At least, may chance na para maging close silang dalawa.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Angelo Patrimonio in Abt Ur Luv

From People's Tonight
by Ogie Diaz

Isa si Angelo Patrimonio sa 19 bagets na kasama sa Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv.

Sayang at hindi namin naitanong sa kanya kung sa dami nila ay mapapansin pa siya.

Pero sa survey ng mga baklitang reporter, tatlo sila nina Enchong Dee at AJ Perez ang may pinakamalakas ang dating. Sa edad na 17, 6' na ang height ng basketball player na si Angelo.

"Dapat sana 'yung sister ko ang mag-aartista, hindi ako. Eh, hindi puwede, saka nakita ako ni Mr. M, so pinag-report niya ako.

"I've talked naman to my dad and okay lang sa kanya kung pagsabayin ko ang acting at ang basketball aside from my studies, basta lang daw kaya ko.

"Anyway, tuwing Saturday lang naman ang taping nito, kaya hindi naman makaaabala sa school ko."

In fairness, ingat na ingat na si Angelo sa pagsasalita, dahil na-misinterpret siya noon nu'ng sabihing sabi ng daddy niya, hindi nito naging girlfriend si Kris Aquino.

Pero nu'ng itanong kay Angelo, pa'no kung alukin siyang maglaro sa Game Ka Na Ba?, na ang dating nali-link sa daddy niya ang host, okay lang sa kanya?

"Okay lang po. Wala pong problema," sagot niya.

Samantala, may sakit pala ngayon ang mommy niyang si Cindy Conwi.

"May thyroid problem siya, kaya mataba ngayon."

Eh, si Kris, tumataba, kasi, buntis.

Naku, ano'ng konek?! Hahaha!

Ewan ko po. Ask natin si Alvin. Etching!

Official Show Logo and Cast Photos

The official Star Magic Presents blog has released official cast photos for Abt Ur Luv, as well as the official show logo.

Visit the official Star Magic Presents blog for larger versions of these thumbnails.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ktext Update -- November 2006

Ktext from Victor - November 16, 2006

About ur love!

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Homeboy -- Nov 15, 2006

Five of the cast members of About Your Love were on the November 15 (Wed) episode of Homeboy. The episode was entitled "Dat's Luv!"

AYL cast members at the show were: Carla Humphries, Denise Laurel, Aaron Agassi, Mikki Arceo, and Lauren Young.

A few screenshots:

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"About Your Love" Plug on ASAP '06

Shaina, Chris, Victor, Aldred, Enchong, and Angelo take a few moments to plug the new show "About Your Love" on the November 12, 2006 episode of ASAP '06. The segment was hosted by Iya Villania.

Video available on YouTube.

A few random screenshots:

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

"About Your Love" Cast in ASAP Full Circle

This week's Full Circle segment on ASAP '06 featured the cast of Star Magic Presents: About Your Love.

The Full Circle Video is available on YouTube.

"About Your Love" Intro Video

The new youth-oriented drama is entitled About Your Love. It will start airing on Saturday, November 25.

The show is one full season of Star Magic Presents that is devoted to a single story.

A 15-second introductory video was aired on the November 12 episode of ASAP '06. The video showed behind-the-scenes footage of the cast pictorial, as well as some scenes from the show. However, no information was provided about the plot.

The SMP: About Your Love Intro Video is available on YouTube.

Random screenshots from the video:

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Victor and Enchong on New Show

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Journal Online
By Nitz Morales

Dalawa pa sa male cast ng youth-oriented show ng ABS-CBN ang mga newbie na sina Victor Basa at Enchong Dee.

Future heartthrob ang dalawa maalagaan lang nang husto.

Nakapag-adjust na sa showbiz si Victor at mas kumportable na nang ma-interview namin. Regular siya sa ASAP dahil kasali sa Cover Boys at sa Crazy for You. Si Carla Humphries ang bini-build up niyang ka-love team at bagay sila sa height at looks.

Marami ang kinikilig kay Enchong Dee o Ernest Lorenzo wala pa man sa showbiz. Swimmer ang 18-year-old at Development Studies student ng La Salle.

Kasama siya sa Pinoy athletes na pupunta sa Doha, Qatar at nagti-training na rin siya for the 2008 Olympics sa Bejing, China.

Nababalanse pa nito ang schedule sa showbiz at swimming at may time pa ngang magka-crush kina Shaina Magdayao at Denise Laurel.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Valeen and Empress in New Show

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From Journal Online

Dalawa sa female young stars na kasama sa cast ng bagong youth-oriented TV show ng ABS-CBN na magpa-pilot sa November 25 ay sina Valeen Montenegro, 16 years old apo ng actor na si Mario Montenegro, at ang 14-year-old na si Empress Schuck.

Dream role ni Valeen ang pag-agawan ng guys at matutupad ito sa show dahil tatlo ang suitors niya: Sina Aaron Agassi, Aldred Gatchalian at Mikee Lee.

In real life, sina Victor Basa (the body daw), Enchong Dee (the newcomer) at si Mikee (the smart one) ang type niya.

Graduating sa high school sa Sacred Heart School sa Parañaque si Valeen at gustong mag-enroll ng Fashion Designing sa college. Kung may regret ito’y ang ’di naabutan ang kanyang lolo.

She was born in 1990 at namatay ang lolo niya noong 1989.

Big for her age si Empress, na ila-love team kay Dino Imperial, pero ang crush ay sina Angelo Patrimonio at si Enchong. Puwede siyang sumali sa beauty contest with her looks and height, pero mas type ang showbiz at mas gustong sundan sina Gina Alajar at Albert Martinez.

Muli pala siyang hinihiram ng GMA-7 para isama sa Atlantika, pero nasa Super Inggo na siya nang dumating ang offer ng Siyete.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cast of 19 in New Youth Drama

Labingsiyam na artists ng ABS-CBN 2 ang isinabak sa maghapong pictorial sa isang studio sa network na magiging bahagi ng bagong youth oriented show nila. Wala pang exact title ang show ng ito pero patterned ito sa mga dating shows ng Dos like Gimik, Tabing-Ilog, Ang TV at kung anu-ano pa.

About Your Love or something ang sinabi sa amin ni Rikka (PR ng Star Magic) na title ng show na ang maituturing na mga bida ay sina Shaina Magdayao at Rayver Cruz, na ididirek ni Eric Salud.

Labas-masok ang mga artistang kasali sa show sa studio kung saan ginawa ang pictorial. Alas-siyete pa lang ng umaga ay nandoon na silang lahat, kaya naman halatang ngarag na ‘yung iba sa pagod.

Eh, hindi na namin nahintay umupo sa mesa namin sina Shaina at Rayver, kaya naman kung sino na lang ang iharap sa amin, iniinterbyu na namin - for lack of better things to do, ‘ika nga, huh!

Si Enchong Dee ang unang sumabak sa table namin. 17 years old siya at brother niya si AJ Dee.

Ayon kay Rikka, atubili si Enchong na Ernest Lorenzo ang tunay na name, sa pagpasok sa showbiz. Nu’ng pictorial lang na ‘yon siya sumagot.

"Kasi po, swimming talaga ang hilig ko. Part po ako ng Olympic team na lalaban sa Doha Asian Games," say ni Enchong.

Sa edad nga niya, may porma na ang kanyang katawan. Eh, six years old pa lang kasi ay lumalangoy na siya.

Anyway, ang tanging advice ng kapatid niya sa kanya ay tapusin ang college niya. Right now, kumukuha ng Development Studies si Enchong sa La Salle.

Gusto rin niya sa politics pero ang maging ambassador ang gusto niyang maging trabaho at hindi politician.

"Mahilig kasi akong makipag-interact sa mga tao, eh. Pero ‘yung kumuha ng law, baka hindi ko po kayanin!" sabi pa niya.

Nakalabas na sa Homeboy, Game Ka Na Ba? At Bench Fever si Enchong at bukod sa swimming, hilig din niya ang pagsasayaw.

Teka, dahil swimmer siya, puwede siyang magpaseksi o di kaya lumabas ng naka-trunks sa mga shows, huh!

"Hindi po problema sa akin ‘yon. Confident naman ako sa katawan ko, kaya magsuot man ako ng undies, hindi ako dapat mahiya!" sambit ni Enchong.


From a Dee, isang Lee naman ang kinausap namin, si Mikee. Sixteen years old siya at produkto ng PBB Teen Edition. Ilan sa shows na nalabasan na niya ay ang ASAP, The Buzz, Homeboy, Wazz Up Wazz Up, Love Spell, Breakfast Blog at iba pa.

Third year high school sa Ateneo si Mikee at ang pag-arte talaga ang gustung-gusto niya.

"I am part of my school’s theater group at debate team. But I still have to improve on my acting and hosting," sabi ni Mikee.

Malaking tulong ang exposure na ibinigay sa kanya sa PBB Teen Edition, kaya naman naging daan ‘yon kay Mikee upang makilala at magkaroon ng chance na ipakita ang talento niya bilang artista.

Sa mga girls, ang attractive sa kanya sina Empress Shuck, Valeen Montenegro at Denise Laurel.

Paborito niyang aktor si John Lloyd Cruz. Kaya ba niyang lampasan ang husay nito sa pag-arte?

"In the future maybe and it’s gonna be a big challenge on my part!" pahayag ni Mikee.


Atenean din ang Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition product na si Joaqui Mendoza. Eighteen years old na siya at kumukuha ng kursong AB Communication.

Sa unang tingin, maporma at mukhang siga itong si Joaqui. Hindi ba nayayabangan ‘yung mga kasamahan niya sa kanya?

"Hindi po ako maporma at mayabang. Akala nila lang po ‘yon," sabi ni Joaqui.

Palibhasa black-belter sa tae-kwon-do, kaya ganoon ang impresyong papasok sa utak ng taong makakakita kay Joaqui.

Ayon pa kay Joaqui, hindi naman niya hinahangad maging big star. "But I am giving my best sa lahat ng trabaho ko!" pahayag niya.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Star Magic Presents to bow out

From Daily Tribune
by Edgar Cruz

Star Magic Presents will replay the Kristine Hermosa and Diether Ocampo opening episode next Saturday! Expect more replays until Nov. 18 as the show reformats with a new series, a Shaina Magdayao and Rayver Cruz starrer, with Denise Laurel and Wacky as support love team.

It looks like ABS-CBN has determined the timeslot for the young set and it’s catering to the market demand. The plot revolves around 19 pairs of teeners living in a community which will tackle youth issues. It starts airing on Nov. 25, and fast-rising young director Erick Salud megs.

New show to pilot on Nov 25

From People's Tonight
by Nitz Morales

Tampok ang loveteam nina Shaina Magdayao at Rayver Cruz sa bagong youth-oriented show ng ABS-CBN na magpa-pilot sa November 25. Ayaw pang ipaalam ang title ng show na papalit sa Star Magic Presents at ididirek ni Eric Salud, kung saan makakasama ng dalawa ang 17 young stars na bini-build-up ng Channel 2 at Star Magic.

Ang ganda-ganda ni Shaina sa pictorial at kahit naroon si Rayver, ’di nakapagpigil ang ibang young actor kahit ’yung may ka-loveteam na magka-crush sa kanya. Isa rito ang newcomer na si Enchong Dee, na nag-blush pa nang amining crush niya si Shaina.

Kampante naman si Rayver na ’di masisira ang tambalan nila ni Shaina kahit alam na marami ang nagkakagusto rito. Alam niyang priority ng dalagita ang career at ang loveteam nila, lalo ngayon, na sunud-sunod ang kanilang project. Magkasama rin sila sa pelikulang Pusong Pilipit ng Regal.

Masaya palang ibinalita ni Shaina na pinayagan na siya ng Ate Vina Morales niya na tumanggap ng suitors at magpadalaw sa bahay, pero bawal pa siyang mag-boyfriend.

Ito’y kahit 17 years old na siya sa birthday niya sa November 6. Ang birthday wish nito’y magpatuloy ang dating ng blessings at makatapos ng high school (graduating na siya) sa Angelicum.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Cast Pictorial Done

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Philippine Star
November 3, 2006

Kahapon, Huwebes ang cast pictorial ng 19 youngters na pinangungunahan ng magka-loveteam na Rayver Cruz at Shaina Magdayao kasama ang ilang myembro ng Star Circle batch 13 with Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition para sa programang kapalit ng Star Magic Presents.

Maganda ang concept ng bagong youth oriented show na ito ng Star Magic na co-prod ng ABS-CBN at mula naman sa direksyon ni Erick Salud na bukas, Sabado naman ang first taping day.

Muling ibabalik ang tambalang Kim Chiu at Gerald Anderson, hoping na bago man lang mamaalam sa ere ang SMP ay manalo naman ito sa ratings dahil sa ilang weeks airing ng nasabing programa ay ang pilot episode lang ang nanalo sa ratings game ober Startalk kaya papatayin na ito.