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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Episode 02: Nagka bukol ka na ba on Tuesday?

You can watch this on YouTube, courtesy of PDAYengDieHard2Prologue

Gens starts his Tuesday with an early morning phone call to his mother in Milan. He tells her about recent events (returning Neri's necklace, Brenda and Stick becoming official, and Gwen learning that her parents have split up).

As Gens thinks of Celine, he asks his mom if it's possible to love someone without feeling anything.

Episode highlights
  • Gen's dad wakes his kids with a loud whistle.
  • Josh and Hillary bicker over homework.
  • Hillary complains to Neri that breakfast isn't ready.
  • Brenda gets a call from Stick
  • While talking to Brenda, Stick finds Blue ironing and putting on his clothes.
  • Stick spots something under the ironing board and bends down to get it, only to hit his head as he gets up.
  • Gizelle tells Nelle she finds Blue cute.
  • Rickson teases Nelle about being a tomboy.
  • Vince and Gens are at the Internet cafe and Gens worries about the slow business.
  • Vince tells Gens he likes Neri.
  • Lieu arrives and tells Gens that the snatcher is still using his sim card.
  • Vince hears this and suggests an entrapment operation.
  • Gwen's yaya helps her apply ointment on a bump on her head, and learns that Gwen hit her head on the bathroom wall so she could stop crying about her parents.
  • Brenda gives Neri a long list of chores, and says it's the least Neri can do since they had to "sacrifice" their Yaya Rosing because of her.
  • Brenda's mom gives Neri more things to do just before she and Brenda leave the house.
  • Gens sends a fake prize notification by text message to the snatcher.
  • Gens agrees to help Vince court Neri if he gets his cellphone back.
  • Lieu gets all tongue-tied when Gwen arrives in front of the internet cafe.
  • Gwen challenges Lieu to prove that he doesn't have an issue with her by hanging out with her.
  • Neri works on her chores and without realizing it, she puts too much detergent into the washing machine.
  • Gwen convinces Lieu to cut school and go shopping with her.
  • Neri heads back home after completing her marketing for dinner ingredients.
  • Stick assists Brenda with her workout and doesn't notice when Mich grabs the keys to his apartment.
  • Celine arrives at the gym and tells Brenda and Stick she feels bad because the receptionist at the clinic says Gens didn't even know her last name, birthday, or address.
  • Neri is on her way home when she recognizes the snatcher standing in front of the Internet cafe. She trips him when he tries to escape. Vince and Gens run out to help her. Neri slips and lands on Gens, who hits his head on the ground.
  • The barangay tanod arrives and arrests the snatcher. Neri retrieves Gens' cellphone and returns it to him.
  • Vince asks Gens to take a phonecam pic of himself with Neri.
  • Vince walks Neri home with her purchases.
  • Gwen convinces Lieu to shoplift by running out of the store without paying for their clothes.
  • Bill and Mao see Gwen and Lieu running with the store owner chasing after them and calling them thieves.
  • Ahmad walks by with hardware supplies, saying he needs to repair stuff at home.
  • Neri is mopping up a soapy mess next to the washing machine when Brenda comes home and freaks out.
  • Blue visits Stick to ask for his keys, while Gizelle and Nelle follow him around.
  • Vince puts his photo with Neri up on his PC at the internet cafe.
  • Rickson, Josh, and Web talk about Celine, and get a warning from Gens.
  • Vince asks Gens about Neri. Celine is hurt when she overhears Gens tells Vince all about Neri.
  • Celine walks out and when Gens chases her, she asks him if he loves her. He has no answer ready and can only hug Celine when she asks him her last name, birthday, zodiac sign, and address.
  • Stick realizes that his keys are missing, and tells Blue he's been a pain since he arrived on Saturday.
  • Lieu introduces Gwen to his doves. Gwen learns that Lieu's father doesn't like his pets.
  • Lieu says he's tired of being compared to Gens, because his older brother is the perfect son.
  • Josh panics when he comes home and can't find his men's magazines in his bedroom after Neri has cleaned it.
  • Brenda arrives at Josh's bedroom to complain to Neri about the state of the kitchen.
  • Hillary arrives as well and asks Neri about the items she needed from the drugstore.
  • Neri finally can't take it anymore and lets out a scream before angrily telling her cousins that when she arrived at their house, she thought she would be accepted as family and not be treated as a maid. She tells them it's a good thing she knows her place now.
  • Gens and Celine walk along the street and Gens admits to Celine that Neri made him realize he doesn't really know his siblings and friends that well.
  • Celine feels reassured when Gens says there's nothing going on between him and Neri, especially when Neri has been nothing but trouble for him.
  • Vince bumps into Neri on the street and asks if she's been crying. Neri says she's fine. Vince offers to pick a fight with whoever it was who made her cry.
  • A patrol car arrives and policemen disembark with Mao. They ask Gens about Lieu. Gwen and Lieu see Mao with the police officers and realize that Mao turned them in for the shoplifting.
  • Brenda's family sits down to dinner when Neri emerges from the kitchen dressed in the maid's clothes.
  • Later that night, Mich lets herself into Stick's apartment with the keys she stole. Stick turns in his sleep and accidentally hits her on the head. She whispers that she loves him, and that at least she has a little "remembrance."

At the end of the day, Gens talks to his mom on the phone again and tells her that their father arranged things with the police, so that Lieu only has to reimburse the cost of the items they stole.

Lieu gets a scolding from his father, and later tells Gens he doesn't want to talk to their mom.

Gens resumes his phone call and tells his mom he got his cellphone back. He almost deletes the photo of Vince and Neri from his phone, but changes his mind at the last minute.

Gens tells his mom that he just realized that -- like the bump on his head, some people can really leave a mark on you, even if you've just met them.

  • Mega Manila: 11.1% (WKL: 17.9%)
  • Nationwide: Info not yet available

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