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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Episode 01: Isang Bagong Sabado

The pilot episode introduces all the characters and their relationships.

You can watch this on YouTube, courtesy of PDAYengDieHard.
Episode highlights:
  • Neri arrives in Manila by boat and is met by Brenda and Josh.
  • Lieu admires Gwen from a distance.
  • Nelle gets stuck doing laundry for Gens and Lieu.
  • Mao helps Aling Tetay pack for her trip to Italy.
  • Gwen gives Aling Tetay a package to bring to her parents.
  • Brenda and Hillary learn Yaya Rosing has left.
  • Celine teaches Rickson some martial arts moves and trips him for being fresh.
  • Gens arrives at the Gym to pick up Celine.
  • Giselle hangs out with Hillary.
  • Brenda learns her family is in financial trouble.
  • Neri sees Celine and Gens wrestling and tries to save Gens by hitting Celine on the head with a thick piece of wood.
  • Gens takes Celine to the neighborhood clinic with Neri in tow.
  • Mich eyes Stick at the gym.
  • Rickson, Web, and Josh extort money from Stick.
  • Brenda, Hillary, and Giselle look for Neri when she goes missing.
  • At the clinic, Neri mocks Gens for not knowing Celine's last name.
  • Brenda enlists Gwen to help look for Neri.
  • Gen's phone gets snatched while Neri watches.
  • Gwen asks Lieu to help look for Neri but his shyness makes him say no.
  • Aling Tetay poses for a family photo with Bill, Ahmad, and Mao, and hints that Bill and Hillary might be a good match.
  • Nelle is offended when Aling Tetay thinks she's a tomboy.
  • At the neighborhood internet cafe, Vince tells Lieu he got a call from Gens asking for money.
  • Josh, Rickson, and Web learn from Lieu that Neri is missing.
  • Gen demands Neri's necklace as collateral.
  • Celine is okay after her treatment.
  • At the gym, Brenda accidentally tells Stick that she wants their relationship to be official. Stick is thrilled. Mich is upset.
  • Gens, Celine, and Neri arrive from the clinic and Neri meets everyone.
  • The neighbors organize a despedida party for Aling Tetay.
  • Stick reclaims his P1000 from Web, Rickson, and Josh.
  • Gwen learns the hard way that her parents have split up.
  • Neri reaches for her necklace, only to remember that it's gone. Gens notices.
  • Vince asks Neri if she's okay.
  • Ahmad, Mao, and Bill leave for the airport with Aling Tetay.
  • Stick shares a tender moment with Brenda.
  • Blue surprises Stick by suddenly showing up to stay with him.
  • Gens returns the necklace to a grateful Neri, then asks for her last name.
  • Mega Manila: 10.1% (WKL: 17%)
  • Nationwide: 43.1% (WKL: 35.7%)
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