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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Episode 06: New Year's Eve (Sunday) Pasabog

In a dream, Josh thinks Celine has come to him to apologize for dropping him and returning to Gens. She kisses him on the forehead to make up for her actions, and is about to kiss him on the lips when Rickson and Web wake him up.

At home, Brenda is getting instructions from her mom when Celine arrives. Celine apologizes to Neri, but couldn't help but ask if Neri is attracted to Gens. Surprised, Neri asks her if she's crazy, but doesn't deny it. Brenda hangs up the phone and Celine has to leave with her to go to the mall before Neri can give a real answer.

Gwen looks for Lieu at his home. Lieu is hiding on the landing of the stairs while Nelle tells Gwen that he's not around. But Lieu is busted when Gens comes down the stairs and starts talking to him, and Gwen hears. When Gens berates Lieu for his treatment of Gwen, Lieu says Gens shouldn't be quick to judge him because he says Neri's name in his sleep.

As Gwen walks back home, Mao sees her and asks her if she has a problem. When he learns that her cellphone doesn't work, he offers to take her to see a friend who can fix her phone.

Josh admits to Web and Rickson that he's in love with Celine. Web is quick to suggest that Josh become Celine's stalker.

Mich is in Stick's bedroom straightening his clothes when he gets home with Blue. Stick wanders up to his room to explore a fragrant scent in the air and finds his room clean. He thanks Blue for cleaning up his room, not realizing that Mich is just there, hiding behind the door. He does, however, see Mich's cellphone on his bed, and he hands it to Blue, thinking the phone belongs to his brother.

Gzel panics when she thinks Nelle is actually a tomboy and is interested in her. She starts making excuse to avoid Nelle.

Vince decides to write Neri a love letter.

When Neri and Gens cross paths in front of the Internet cafe, she runs from him as Celine's question echoes in her head. Gens finally catches up with her and asks if she's avoiding him. He apologizes and says it's his fault that Celine feels jealous; he admits to taking Celine for granted. He tells Neri he wants to her her friend.

Brenda asks Celine why she wants to be Neri's friend, especially since she was so jealous of her just a week ago. While Celine protests that her intentions are pure, Brenda laughs and quotes The Art of War: Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

Neri bluntly asks Gens if he's attracted to her. She says goodbye when he can't deny his feelings.

While waiting for the cellphone repair service, Mao and Gwen watch a street magician perform, and Mao is quick to reveal the magician's secret. As they chat, Gwen is surprised to realize that Mao gets bullied in school.

Ahmad comes home and is dismayed to learn from Bill that Gwen is out with Mao. But he takes the time to tease Bill about his interest in Hillary.

Gzel tells Hillary that she thinks Nelle really is a tomboy. The two quickly run off when Nelle comes to see them.

Stick tells Blue he's meeting Brenda at the mall. Blue stays at home and goes through the mystery cellphone... and realizes that Stick has a stalker in Mich.

Lieu is sitting with his pigeons as he makes a new year's resolution to be less torpe. Nelle arrives in tears just then, and says to Lieu that she must really be a tomboy.

Neri is at home. She can't help but enjoy the thought of Gens being attracted to her, but she's not able to admit her own feelings. Just then, Gens knocks on her door and angrily tells her he's not interested in her. But he betrays himself when he asks Neri if she will still be avoiding him.

Mich waits until Blue leaves the house, then runs in to look for her cellphone.

Hillary and Bill see each other on the street and start arguing. Bill teasers her by popping firecrackers at her feet.

Mao's friend fixes Gwen's phone for no charge, just as two guys arrive and start harrassing Mao. Gwen scares them off by pretending to call a general. Mao is embarrassed that Gwen defended him.

Mich is in Stick's bedroom when Blue walks in.

Josh sits at the dining room with Neri and tells her it would be great if she would seduce Gens so Celine would be free to be with him. Just then, Brenda and Celine arrive with shopping bags. Celine presents a gift bag to Neri, saying she wants them to be good friends.

Watching Neri accept the gift, Josh sees his hopes of a Neri-Gens relationship evaporate, and leaves.

At the Internet cafe, Vince asks Gens if he thinks Neri will go to the movies with him, but Gens is too distracted by his own thoughts and doesn't answer, Vince asks if there's a problem. Gens finally loses his temper and tells Vince to just ask Neri out.

On the walk back home, Mao tells Gwen that if he had any money, he'd hire her as a personal bodyguard. Gwen asks him why he doesn't defend himself... and remarks that she seems to know a lot of people who can't stand up for themselves. She doesn't realize that Lieu has walked up from behind and can hear her conversation with Mao.

Gwen asks Mao if he would tell a girl "I love you" then hide. Mao says if he were to say "I love you" to Gwen, he'd follow through on it.

The sound of firecrackers popping makes Gwen turn around and she sees Lieu. But when Lieu asks her if they can talk, she escapes into her house.

Blue blackmails Mich into cleaning their house on Monday -- otherwise he'll tell everyone that Stick has a stalker.

Later that night, everyone is milling around outside their homes to enjoy the firecrackers as it approaches the midnight of the New Year.

Mao admits to Bill that he's in love with Gwen. He also says he knows Lieu is courting Gwen, but that he doesn't know if he too will court her.

Lieu sees Gwen arrive and goes to see her. He asks if she's still angry with him. He apologizes then gives her a rose and asks if he can court her as everyone else looks on. Gwen is happy.

Neri arrives with Josh, and Gens can't help but stare at her. Nelle notices and asks him if he's okay. Still staring at Neri, he says he's got a big problem... because he has feelings for Neri.

Hillary goes to see Bill and treats him with false sweetness, just before pouring water on his firecrackers.

Rickson, Web, and Josh ask Gzel and Hillary what Nelle's problem is because she seems to be avoiding them. Nelle finally joins them when the boys call her. She admits to everyone that she's a tomboy and asks that they not avoid her because it doesn't mean she's evil. Gzel and Hillary are quick to apologize and they all get into a group hug.

Mich watches Brenda and Stick from behind a tree.

Celine arrives and asks Josh if he's mad at her. He says to her that there are just some relationships that are not meant to be -- at least for now. He urges her to go see Gens. Gens and Celine hug as Josh and Neri look on.

Everyone gathers on the street and counts down the seconds to the new year as fireworks explode in the air.

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