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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Season 3 Starts Today

Abt Ur Luv, Ur Lyf 2 starts today, with changes in the cast.

Below are screenshots from the new OBB.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Relive the Thrill of Teen Love

New Season, New Timeslot

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"STAR Magic Presents Abt Ur Luv (Ur Lyf 2)" which airs every Saturday has a new timeslot starting June 2, right after "Nagmamahal Kapamilya." It stars Aaron Agassi, Aldred Gatchalian, AJ Perez, Angelo Patrimonio, Carla Humphries, Cris Gutierrez, Dino Imperial, Empress Schuck, Enchong Dee, Isabel Blaesi, Lauren Young, Mikee Lee, Valeen Montenegro, Victor Basa and Zia Marquez. Now on its third season, the show introduces new characters and more fresh faces.

Adding more color to the lives of the 24/7 kids are Star Magic 15’s Isabelle Abiera, Krista Valle, Daphne Cortez, Jessy Mendiola, Caroline Riggs, Bryan Homecillo, Martin del Rosario and Arno Morales. They will be joined by the fresh team up of two of Star Magic’s acting bets, Erich Gonzales and John Wayne Sace.

John Wayne is PJ Avelino, the responsible brother who acts as the father figure to his younger brother Ray (Martin del Rosario). Ray is a "kuya’s boy," dependent and weak. He changes when she falls in love with Gwen (Valeen Montenegro). As we all know, Gwen and Lieu (Aldred Gatchalian) are a happy couple so would Ray succeed in taking Gwen from Lieu?

The two boys are on their own because their parents each have families of their own. They stay with Leonarda "Lheny" Carpio (Jessy Mendiola), her lola and cousin Fiona Murray (Isabelle Abiera). Fiona only speaks English and is being tutored by Brenda (Carla Humphries). Brenda enlists Fiona to spy on Bill (Dino Imperial) and Hillary (Empress Schuck) and ends up falling in love with Bill. Blue (Enchong Dee) gets into the picture as Bill and Hill’s bridge. Things get complicated as Blue falls for Hill.

Lheny is in love with PJ so she’s always there for him but PJ loves Mallory "Waling Waling Aguila" Aguilar (Erich Gonzales). Waling Waling is a new age girl, an environmentalist, a vegetarian, an astrology fan but above all, a girl who just wants to be loved. The moody skinhead guy who is also the best friend of Waling Waling is Apollo "Junaps" Acuna Jr. (Bryan Homecillo). Junaps can be talkative in one minute then gets quite the next. Apparently, he sees dead people. Junaps is also in love with Monique Ledesma (Daphne Cortez), the loner student who is often found in the library.

Prince Tordesillas (Arno Morales) is the super rich kid who maintains a low profile. He’s "Mr. Nice Guy," pretending to be just one of the teens. He becomes Josh’s (AJ Perez) rival for Nelle (Lauren Young). Of course, Josh becomes insecure and when he discovers Prince’s secret, he tells everyone. This brings Prince and Nelle closer. But will Josh give up Nelle without a fight?

Ahmad (Aaron Agassi) is greatly inspired by his sweet and charming Math teacher Ms. Belinda Chavez (Caroline Riggs). Stick (Victor Basa) works with Ms. Chavez, being a PE teacher. His present dilemma is how to be the "teacher" to his barkada.

Mao (Mikee Lee) tells Liza (Isabel Blaesi) about his insecurities as he gets a counterpart in Joanna "Jo" Walker (Krista Valle), the intellectual and sporty girl. They both represent their school in a contest and started to respect each other from then on. They become good friends and Liza fears it might lead to love.

Giselle (Zia Marquez) and Rickson (Chris Gutierrez) becomes a couple for the simple reason that they both want to fall in love and get into a relationship. They will find out that love comes to those who wait. Another young man waiting for his true love is Webb (Angelo Patrimonio). Who will be the lucky girl that will make Webb’s heart beat?

Let’s all feel young again with the gang of "Abt Ur Luv (Ur Lyf 2)" every Saturday after "Nagmamahal Kapamilya."